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  1. Well said NyCuser, after all this time I would think there would be a solution by now for personalizing the thin scrollbar issue. Something even as simple as choosing a normal or wide mode option over the default thin bar would work for most. Evernote admin if you are listening please help or at least respond.
  2. Even after upgrading to Win 8 I agree it is very difficult to see the scroll tab with it's light gray color and lack of scroll buttons is a real inconvenience. It's obvious that this will benefit most users, so Evernote if you hear us, please help find a solution. Thx Craig
  3. Yes completely agree. Why is it taking so long to fix this issue. I find it very difficult at times locating the scroll tab because the shading is so bad. Please give help on this issue. Does anyone know if a css style can be edited to fix it ourself?
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