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  1. My sentiment exactly. That, and the fact that Simplified Formatting is still broken after 4 GA releases, are the main reasons why I'm still on v.6.9.2. I just don't know what to expect from Evernote anymore. I no longer have confidence in the release notes, so I wait for feedbacks from early adopters on this forum, and sure enough each time I see things that suggest I should stay away. Not that I'm happy with v.6.9.2, which has many shortcomings. But at least it behaves predictably here.
  2. My fault; I should have mentioned it. No, other things beside the first image are not removed; they are just obscured by the first image, which is indeed "stretched disproportionately" to cover the whole page. Remove the first image, and you'll see, uhh, the 2nd image, also stretched disproportionately to cover the whole page, and so on. The text would be revealed once you remove all the images. The screenshots I gave in the earlier post mentioned above, and the examples in the public folder I set up yesterday, have all gone through the same "pre-processing" in order to show wh
  3. @Johnathan Hebert & @JMichaelTX, thanks for following up. More details can be found in one of my earlier posts (with screenshots): Apologies to Johnathan though, for it's Jason who responded, not Johnathan. I've just set up a public notebook (first time doing this, hope it works as expected) with examples, for anyone who wants to take a look. Please read my description in the post quoted above if you can't see anything wrong.
  4. One regression I've reported many times (starting back with 6.10 beta 3) is still there: The problem of "Applying Simplify Formatting to clipped notes removed returns" hasn't been fully fixed. The issue was at least acknowledged (by Johnathan, IIRC) once, but has never been fixed. Guess I'll have to stay with 6.9.2, again, since it's not even mentioned in the release notes. Sad!
  5. Unfortunately this is still not completely fixed, as reported in beta 4 here. This will be the 2nd major update in a roll that eludes me. Since the introduction of the bug in 6.10 betas, I've been forced to stay with 6.9.2. Sad.
  6. Thanks for looking into this. I'm also using Chrome, but let's first make sure we're talking about the same thing: by "removing returns" I mean blank lines separating paragraphs are removed by Evernote betas (starting from 6.10 betas). Please see the attached screenshots below. The first two are from the same Guardian story (United Airlines defends gate decision ...), with the first one processed in Evernote 6.11B4 and the other processed by 6.92. (steps: one single click into the article, then shft-cmd-F to simplify formatting.) For comparison, a second set of screenshots are provid
  7. These two regressions are still there: The problem of "Applying Simplify Formatting to clipped notes removed returns" hasn't been fully fixed. System-wide Show Fonts shortcut missing. More details in my earlier report here. The 2nd issue (missing cmd-T) is particularly puzzling: is that something really difficult to fix?
  8. Thanks for this, but the fix doesn't seem to work universally. For notes clipped from the Guardian website, for example, the problem still exists. For notes clipped from the New York Times, on the other hand, the command works as before (6.9.2). Another bug reported way back (and should be easy to fix) is still here: Recent Evernote for Mac betas (starting from 6.10.x) have removed the system-wide default keyboard shortcut for the "Fonts" dialog (%T). Yes, I know I can fix this myself. But the removal doesn't make sense since you're not assigning the shortcut to something else.
  9. I do, as I'm back to v.6.9.2. :-) Thanks, I know that. Still, it's a regression with 6.10 betas, so I'm reporting it. Again thanks for the suggestion. That's indeed what I would have to do if the databases were incompatible; dodge the bullet this time, thankfully. Rebuilding the database from scratch is nevertheless very time consuming (did it a few times in the past), and quite disruptive for my work. (Yeah, I can use my notebook or the web version, but that's not quite as efficient.) And that's why I made the request I did.
  10. 3 issues to report: 1. system-wide shortcut for fonts adjustment (%T) no longer works. Earlier versions short "%T" beside the "Show Fonts" command under the "Format" menu, not anymore with 6.10 betas. 2. There is no longer an empty line separating two paragraphs after using Shift-Command-F to simplify formatting. I capture a lot of online news articles and this is a command I use often. Before Evernote allows us to adjust paragraph spacing as in a word processor, I much prefer the old way (a blank line between paragraphs) than having all paragraphs cramped together. Please at least k
  11. Hi, I tested out Saferoom for Mac for the first time just now, and ran into a strange issue right away. I duplicated a note, moved it to "Encrypt_Inbox", hit the "Encrypt notes" button (on the Saferoom app), and got an encrypted note. So far so good. I then moved the encrypted note to "Decrypt_Inbox", and hit the "Decrypt notes" button. To my surprise, the result is different from the original note! A side-by-side screenshot is attached below. The difference is too obvious to miss. In fact, all the image inserts in the article have been moved to the end (yes, they are still
  12. Turns out I didn't kill those decade tags cleanly enough. (Long story short: a sleeping notebook had some unsync'ed new/modified notes still tagged with those, and they were sync'ed after I removed those tags from the desktop.) After those tags are truly gone, EN Clipper has stopped suggesting them. It's my own oversight. My apologies.
  13. The "cookies" suggestion is a nice thought. Cleaned my Chrome cookies (and cache/history and every thing else I can purge from the preferences) and still got the same result, unfortunately. I even tried starting both Firefox and Chrome with a new (empty) profile and still got the same result. So I guess it's something associated with my account in the Cloud. It's still odd even if that's the case, however, considering that the particular tag had been renamed twice a few weeks before being eliminated: from "2000s" to "decade.2000" and then "dec.2000". With each rename (done in the standalo
  14. I can only enable/disable the feature there. There is no reset button. Or am I missing something?
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