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  1. I got a reply back from support. So apparently it working inconsistently is expected behaviour. I suppose it is expected if you programmed the thing. I think for anyone who is being sold on the idea that the "Premium" account enhances your collaboration with others, it might be a tad confusing when it doesn't work that way. In my personally opinion, the reply from support is consistent with a company that knows it isn't working correctly, or consistently, but doesn't want to admit that. It is the same reason why there is nothing on the sales page that indicates this. I want anyone who is thinking of becoming a premium member to know the following....to avoid any confusion. When another user shares a note with you, you will not be able to see it under the notes section on some clients (iOS, Web). You can see them on the Windows and Mac client. This may affect you in that if you set your iOS software up so you can navigate to the "Notes" section to find all notes by you and your collaborators, you will not be able to see them. You will have to manually navigate to each Notebook (if you can remember which one) and find the note. It will take extra time, and may frustrate you. Buyer beware.
  2. Scott, If I go to "Notebooks" on the iPad/iPhone I can manually navigate to all the shared notes. If I go to "Notebooks" on OS X, I can manually navigate to all the notes. If I go to "Notes" on the iPhad/iPhone, I can only see my notes. If I go to "Notes" on OS X, I can see all 111 notes (mine, and shared). So basically, the iOS versions are not consistent with the desktop client. I haven't contacted support yet, I was just about to.
  3. Another week of Evernote frustrations. I use Evernote on the following platforms. - OS X Mavericks - iPad - iPhone I have about 44 notes that are my own. I have others that are shared with my girlfriend. This brings the note total to 111. On the Mac client, if I click on "Notes" it shows me all 111 of them. If I click on "Notes" on the iPad, or the iPhone, I only see 44 notes. I have done the following in an attempt to get it to fully sync the notes: - Deleted the app from both devices - My girlfriend unshared, and shared all the notes again - Pressed "Sync" about 15 times So, basically at this point Evernote is becoming so annoying, it is almost useless. The inconsistency among all the clients means that I never know which one is current, where the notes are, or what the hell is going on. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, CLM
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