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  1. Thanks for your response, I have tried that already. Not there and not in the trash either.
  2. I sync my evernote between my Windows8 & iPhone 5s. I am using the latest version. One of my notes which is REALLY important to me has disappeared, its become extremely frustrating for me. I read everything I could and tried EVERYTHING. One time it showed up under Conflicting Changes notebook, but now that notebook is gone too. I even tried upgrading my account so I could access note history, but it only lets you view history of the note you are viewing at the time, because I can't view the note that I lost, i can't get the history. Any help would be highly appreciated. I am getting pretty desperate and starting to doubt the abilities of this program. I believe that a simple way of making the "Conflicting Changes" notebook re-appear, it would the problem.
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