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  1. I'm going to echo the request for a barcode scanner here. I've used Evernote to jot down notes and lists for years, but I admit I'm not a power user. I have historically just used it for occasionally saving text cross platform. Anyhow, I'm also a costumer and I have a GIANT vintage and modern pattern library at home. One of my fellow costumers pointed me to Springpad about a year ago and told me she was using the barcode feature to scan her patterns for reference and lending. You have no idea how many times we accidentally buy duplicates - even triplicates of patterns when we are out and catch a garage or estate sale and find a gold mine of cheap patterns. When you have hundred of patterns in your collection spanning hundreds of years of fashion history, it is easy to forget exactly what you have. Springpad was BRILLIANT for helping us share and collaborate as well as for saving us from buying extras. Our entire sewing guild went nuts when we saw this organization feature and jumped right into using it voraciously. While it is true that I can just photograph the patterns and enter them into the notebook that way (actually I have to do that for the vintage stuff that has no barcodes), the detailed information that comes from a good barcode scan is so much faster, and accurate than my data entry. It's just overall better. Since Springpad will be no longer by the end of this month, I think you'll see a large number of new and even old users who liked that functionality and wish Evernote had it. Frankly, if Evernote had beaten Springpad to the punch with that funtionality, I would have never even opened up yet another app account. I much prefer things to be all in one place! A barcode scanner would be the thing that would tip me into a paid premium account. And I don't think that I am alone.
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