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  1. Actually, I do. I use Time Machine & Crashplan. The tricky part of those backups is that, AFAIK, its an all-or-nothing approach. Also, I wonder what would happen if you open a EN database from a previous version? .pd
  2. Hello, I'll try to elaborate the scenarios you mention: 1- i guess in that case the best option would be to re-download all notes from Evernote Cloud, but if you can't for some reason then you should import latest full backup, then latest incremental backups as needed. For example, I backup a monthly full, weekly and daily so I would need to import full+at most 4 weekly's+at most 7 daily's = 12 imports in the worst case for each notebook. If you'd like to make this easier, then you can full backup every day, and then just 1 import for each notebook. Or maybe build a script that impor
  3. Hi, I've further elaborated these and other ideas into a (i hope) more capable backup script. See: https://pda0.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/evernote-for-mac-backup/ I've been using it to do full & incremental backups for a while. .pd
  4. I tested this and EN just made up a new note with an ".eml" attachment. Not good.
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