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  1. Hi Agalbraith, I did find the option. I'm a mac user, so I'm using the app, but I'd imagine it's pretty similar to the windows version. If I select the note I want copied, then right-click that note, there is an option for "Copy to Notebook", in which you can select the notebook you want your note copied to. Finding this option has been such a time saver. I created a templates folder and made a shortcut to that folder. Anytime I need a note to follow the template, just select the Templates folder from my shortcuts, select the template, and then copy to that notebook. It copies the tags
  2. Ok, now I just feel silly. I'm assuming the "Copy to Notebook" feature is what you are talking about? <Insert head hanging in shame here>... Self-explanatory! Thank you for your help. Just saying that the feature was there made me go look more thoroughly for it.
  3. Sorry about that! I'm a novice forum user! :-) I am using the Mac application (as an app, not in a browser). If there is a duplicate feature, where is it!? I have searched high and low!
  4. Hello, Is there is a way to duplicate notes, without copying and pasting the content of the note into a new note? Example: I publish a small, local magazine. I am keeping all of my editorial in Evernote, until I am ready to compile to publish for a particular month. There are standard articles that I use for every issue, every month. Each of these articles has a specific header (title of the note) and a structured template with designer notes and footnotes. It would be quite helpful to be able to create a template notebook, and each month copy all of the standard article notes to that m
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