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  1. The passing judgement thing goes both ways. It's unfortunate that your app has gone under. But my point is that maybe, just maybe, the path that Evernote has chosen was the more sustainable one. From my POV, it's tiring to hear all the Springpad users feeling "forced" into using EN (you're not) & coming onto this board & complaining that EN is not Springpad. It's kind of like moving to a foreign country & then complaining they don't speak your language or have your favorite foods. Even if EN decided to adopt some of the features of Springpad, it's not going to happen quickly b/c EN already has a long list of feature requests from their own users. I am sure you all are annoyed about the demise of your beloved app. But, as you are finding out, not only does an app have to be something people like & use, but also something that enough people will *pay* for so that it can stay in business & maybe the features that attracted you to Springpad don't fit that bill. I think it is an opportunity for EN to incorporate, grow, and become a more well rounded app that could have a much broader appeal to those of us that like beautiful UI.Why not incorporate the Visual learner/user? I have been an EN user for a year so Im not bashing just saying that when you get stuck or you think you have arrived and that no one else has any good ideas...i.e. SP....that you potentiality set yourself up to get left behind....you stagnate and die. Current notable Ex: Firefox has adopted what looks to be SP's Menu interface which is very easy and convenient to use.If you have the latest Firefox the menu is in the top right corner...a very nice addition! Without regard to who actually developed or created it....they understand the beauty AND functionality of that interface. EN Would do well to create beauty, and even re-imagine a better UI for their users....Why not hedge your bets and move beyond "either or" and move into a "both and"? Apple does this well and constantly challenges the Status quo in their own UI...alwasy making tweaks and creating visual appeal. Thats all Im saying.....I don't necessarily feel "stuck" using EN... I just miss the few things that worked better for a visual person like myself many other visual people/learners (who could/would become satisfied customers) i.e. Menu pop, color...GUI.
  2. While I have used both for some time now there are a few reasons I couldn't fully commit to Evernote. This mostly centered around the fact that function seemed to trump beauty and flow in the Evernote experience. Don't get me wrong Evernote is a great app but the interface is most definitely pedestrian and uninspired...boring. Now that Evernote has basically swallowed up most of us Springpad users, why not take the opportunity to absorb why we liked Springpad in the first place? There is a central and very important aspect of our interactions in our environments every day...and that is the aspect of Beauty. Color, texture, movement, light, dark, shape, depth etc all play into beauty. And while beauty can be subjective, there are common aspects and truth in the subjectivity. Why not add the flexible usage of color to Evernote, beyond the mind numbing and uninspiring GREEN and BROWN and shades of grey interface? I think that the simple addition of user definable colorization of notebooks and or the UI will make for a more satisfying experience. Springpad had something Evernote has seemed to have overlooked or just outright ignored; and that is a design/beauty aspect to the app. Call it a Feng Shui. I for one would love to see some integration of what made SpringPad enjoyable to use into our Evernote experience. Just a thought!
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