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  1. I have found another app to use specifically for BOOKS, but it would be nice to have a feature in EN that does this--- I just don't want 5 apps for scanning different types of products and such.
  2. Yes! Those are similar things that I used it for. I primarily used it for books, but every now and then, I found some product that I wanted more details for or wanted to see if I could find a better price online, but didn't have the time to look it up at that moment.
  3. Yes, you are correct. I am actually looking into other options at this time. I was coming here to see if anyone knew of any apps that had an export option or similar to Evernote, hence my "With that being said, what is the best way of doing this with Evernote, since scanning the barcode is NOT an option with this app?" portion of my post. Even 2 minutes is a bit ridiculous when using Springpad took less than 30 seconds.
  4. Yeah, that option sucks. When I am at a bookstore, I am not playing with my phone for 15 minutes to save a file. Instead, I am looking over books that I would like to read. So, with Springpad, I would simply scan the barcode, let it find the information, and then save the information. No searching for the information on Amazon, etc.
  5. THIS would be amazing. This is the reason I switched from Evernote to Springpad. Springpad had this capability and this is the feature I used most frequently! Sadly, Springpad is being closed and I am being forced back over here to Evernote.
  6. As someone who is being forced to migrate BACK to Evernote after using Springpad for years, I am disappointed. I used Springpad on a regular basis to capture things---- like books I wanted to read, movies I wanted to purchased. What I loved about it was that I could simply scan the barcode and it would do a search and find the information (price on Amazon, title, etc) and import that info into the note for me. Evernote doesn't seem to have a similar capability that I have found.
  7. First, let me say that I am incredibly disappointed that Springpad will no longer be functional. I actually switched from Evernote (when I had a blackberry) to Springpad because of the variety of features that Springpad offered. But, now I am being forced to switch back. One of the features I used regularly within Springpad was the ability to capture a book's title/information by simply scanning a barcode. The reality is that this worked on any product. I am an avid reader and loved visiting the bookstore and scanning a book I wanted to read for future use. With that being said, what is the best way of doing this with Evernote, since scanning the barcode is NOT an option with this app? Taking a photo of the book cover doesn't appeal to me either. Thanks in Advance, A Sad Springpad Lover
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