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  1. While I understand and use the tag system I still would like some organization control ohter than the many offered. There are some notes that I wouldl like to be at the top of my notebook everytime I open it regardes of name, date crated, modified, etc. A "favorate note" designation that casues the note to "float" to the top regardless of sort order. More than one note marked as favorite could have sub order like rest of notebook - date created acending descendingetc... Thank you.
  2. woodwin

    mac Recent Notebooks

    Using latest Version 6.0.5 Clicking on "notebook" inside note in an effort to move to a different and recent notebook, used to give Recent Notebooks. Still does, but not the most recent. Lists three notebooks none of them recent three used. I don't know if this was a problem before 6.0.5, but I know it worked in a recent version.
  3. woodwin

    mac Rename attachment for PDFs greyed out

    Me too. I actually came across it then lost the solution over a week or two of vacation. Guess I should stay home. Hope the Elephant is working on a faster, mor obvious solutions. Thanks.
  4. Would be nice to adjust colors a bit, but at least use one with appropriate contrast. This looks washed out and makes it very hard on the eyes!