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  1. It has been working on the Mac for more than one year now. That's what's the most frustrating to me!
  2. For what its worth, I get similar functionality by using saved searches. For example, I have a saved search that has all my actions that don't have a reminder yet and another saved search (my focus list) that has reminders, but no completed reminders. When I add a reminder the note automatically is removed from my actions list and added to my focus list. Then when I check off a reminder as complete it automatically is removed from my focus list. I have a saved search that shows all of my completed reminders in the past 7 days so I can reference those completed reminders if I need to, but its rare when I go in there. Usually only if I accidentally complete the note before I realize it wasn't actually done. Of course, I use tags instead of notebooks to organize my notes so that helps because the saved searches don't care what notebook the note is in. This way my actions are automatically archived as soon as I complete them as well, since they start off being archived in the notebook I need them in and I just apply tags/reminders if I need to take action on them. Thanks danlefeb! That should help my workflow a lot!
  3. My situation is a bit more complex than that: The computer I use is Linux. There is no EN client for Linux yet, so I have to use EN for windows through a virtual machine. My desktop at home is also running windows, but I prefer the EN mac client because it does everything I need. Reminders on Android are also very helpful. As I said, I don't mind the inconsistencies, except when they undermine EN's functionality.
  4. Hi all, I totally get that the interfaces can't possibly be identical, especially between desktop and mobile, but there are some functionality issues as well. I am a very new user of EN but I've stumbled upon some issues already in trying to establish my workflow. Example 1: Reminders don't show up in List view in Windows but only in snippet or card view, which means that you can't have reminders visible and sort notes by tag in that platform. That's perfectly possible in EN for mac. If I want or have to use both platforms this makes me very uncomfortable as I have to change between views all the time. Example 2: I've set some saved searches as shortcuts on my mac based on the "reminderTime" term, which don't work on windows. Example 3: Less important but still...the toolbar cannot be customised on the mac while it nicely can on windows. I don't see how these issues are a matter of stylistic preference or platform-sensitive restrictions. In my opinion they should work on both platforms. Example 4: Reminder completeness couldn't synchronise from EN for android to EN for desktop, but maybe that's just a fluke as it only happened once so far. Many people work today on different platforms whether they like it or not, and issues like these are distractive or even disruptive. I really like all the cool features that Evernote has integrated so far in it's clients for all platforms and the intention I see from Evernote in making a useful product, but I suspect most users value first stability and a minimum level of consistency. I understand that most of my listed issues are with the reminders which is a relatively new feature and I would prefer it if these issues are addressed in the right way even if it takes time; I just hope that EN are aware of them.
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