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  1. Thank you all, I took @DTLOW's advice and created an Import foldeer and dragged all my images in there and then created a TOC with those notes. Really Super.
  2. Hi folks: I have been using Evernote for a while now (paid user), the question that I am struggling over is this: - I have a directory of Jpgs, PDFs, Txt docs in a directory which contain all my Personal docs (DL, Passport etc) which are named very well - Is there any way that I can select all those files and create a TOC with links to them (the files are in a Dropbox folder) ? Thanks for pointing me to a solution. Sanjay
  3. Hi: Is there any way to Clip a slide deck from Slideshare into an Evernote note ? I have tried everything but not been successful. This can be very useful as the full slide deck can be clipped (downloaded) into a single note and then used as reference material, etc. Thanks.
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