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  1. GOAL: Type notes on a computer, and have them sync'ed with iPhone & iPad -- so additions don't overwrite existing text, but simply add new information. I lost some notes in the past so am now trying to solve the problem. I use a MacAir computer iOS 10.9.3, iPad 7.1.1 & iPhone 7.1.1 and share my computers/devices and Evernote with no one. (Evernote software on MacAir is latest I am able to get 5.5.1 consisting of 181.8 MB) I am only working with text: no photos or other media. On my MacAir, within a note I typed: Testing. Then I sync'ed before closing it. Turned on my iPhone, and horray! The syncing now matched. Thinking I was in the clear, I sync'ed my iPad and received a "conflicting modification" note. I understand I have to sync each devise when finishing a note. I've searched "conflicting modification" and find others discussing issue, but not to my point. Have spent about 30 minutes every couple weeks for months trying to solve problem, thus have stopped using Evernote. Loved everything about it until this problem occurred -- which apparently still exists in Premium. (Used to be tech journalist so understand about client & server and needing to sync up when finishing note addition on a particular device.)
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