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  1. Gentlemen/ladies--thank you so much. The source URL shows up when you click the i and also pops up when you click out of editing the note, as mentioned. Problem solved and I appreciate your help!
  2. Hello all, Don't have the time for a fishing expedition through the forum so hoping someone can help me quickly. I reluctantly switched to Evernote from Springpad due to their impending shutdown and I'm working on getting everything set up across my devices. Everything looks on the surface like it imported properly-I have the right number of notes and my notebooks and tags look present and accounted for. I paid for a premium account, downloaded the app onto my Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 4 phone, downloaded the Windows app onto my laptop and took a test-drive on the (Chrome) web version to get to know everything. For my purposes, being able to quickly get to the source website for web clips is critical and the majority of my notes are bookmarks/links. I see that in the web app the link is at the top of the note. No problem. I figured out that in the Android app for my phone and tablet there is a 'go to source' option in the share menu. Great! Now--how in the heck do I do that with the downloaded Windows app? All I see when I look at what is supposed to be a link is a picture from the site, and NO link to follow. This is 100% useless to me. In many cases, the name of the site isn't even present so I can't even use it as a starting point to Google and re-find what I was supposed to have saved for quick access. Please advise!
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