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  1. The autoscan feature is not working on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5. The camera is not automatically capturing the image. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Guys, the only reason I changed to Penultimate was because of the Evernote integration. Please make it worthwhile to keep it. I for one really like to type certain content in the middle of my handwritten notes. This would be a very useful feature that I can get elsewhere. Apple saw fit to make a huge investment in the creation of the iPad Pro with the Pencil. Why? Because there are millions of users out there who were exclusively taking handwritten notes on their iPads. Won't Evernote and Penultimate become the de facto standard as long as it keeps feature parity? Better yet, just let us know
  3. I was struggling with this too, and then I realized that I cannot add a new tag to a note that has been shared with me by somebody else. How I dealt with this was to duplicate the note move it to one of my own notebooks and then go to that notebook and the add tag works perfectly. When you are in the shared notebook it doesn't matter whether you tap the plus sign or "add tag", it only allows you to choose from existing tags. Hope that helps.
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