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  1. RaVbaker has the solution! Thanks! I thought keyboard shortcuts were only available for the drop-down menu. Now, I have also included font sizes - the menu command is just the size you want, for example "12".
  2. I also would like this font/formatting/coding hotkey feature (something like @Mr. Pok described). Until then, I'm using a one line automator script which serves to reset the text formatting back to your Evernote's default text. It's useful for when you've just copied a line of code (or whatever) into Evernote and you want to revert to your default font and size. If you're new to Mac Automator here are the steps: 1.) Open Automator Application and make a new "Service". 2.) add a new "Action" called "Run Shell Script". 3.) Service receives no input in Evernote. 4.) Shell: /bin/bash. 5.) Pass input: to stdin. 6.) And in the script body text enter "echo ." (It doesn't have to be a period - it can be any character(s).) 7.) Save it. Then find it and set it to the desired hotkey under System Preferences->keyboard->shortcuts->services->text. In Evernote, when you press the hotkey, a period is inserted in your default font. The period might be annoying (I couldn't figure out how to just insert a blank space), but it's better than selecting some previous text, copying a random character and pasting it. I use the same sort of script for a quick timestamp using the command ' date "+%T" '.
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