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  1. Thanks for the explanation and for your vote of support. I've used Evernote for years and have a lot stored there. The cost increases noticeably as the years go by and I find all this a little difficult to swallow. Being a "guru", you know that learning the system here takes a fair amount of time spent immersed in it to understand even how a feature request works. I don't have the time for that, myself. I need to get to work. The time you and others here spend reading, following, assisting, etc... is a luxury I can't take time for. For all of you and your commitment here, I offer thanks and ap
  2. Could I ask Evernote people, i.e. staff. Do you hear my request? This is a feature request. Do you understand what I am asking for?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Tags are a useful and helpful functionality.
  4. When I do a search and a note comes up, when I select the note it currently shows what Notebook it is in. I would like to also see the notebook stack listed there. That way, I could navigate to the note through the parent stack and notebook and therefore be able to move/organize of all data I have recorded in Evernote. Currently, I can't organize my stuff because I can't find where it is located.
  5. What does accretion have to do with this? Am I taking myself too seriously? Please. My point (and what I would "like to see different") is to be able to find and relocate what the the search tool brings up so I can organize my notes and better see what is there. I like organization and don't like the notion that I don't need it.
  6. I find it very difficult to organize my notes in Evernote because the search tool does not show what notebook stack a note resides in, only the notebook. When I have hundreds of notes and they're organized in the available tiers (Note>Notebook>Notebook Stack), if I'm ever going to be able to organize them, I need to be able to start at the top level and work down. The search tool works great but only if I know what to search for. I also need to be able to work in the other direction, that is to organize topically and go from general to specific. Can be please add the funct
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