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  1. Thanks for the explanation and for your vote of support. I've used Evernote for years and have a lot stored there. The cost increases noticeably as the years go by and I find all this a little difficult to swallow. Being a "guru", you know that learning the system here takes a fair amount of time spent immersed in it to understand even how a feature request works. I don't have the time for that, myself. I need to get to work. The time you and others here spend reading, following, assisting, etc... is a luxury I can't take time for. For all of you and your commitment here, I offer thanks and apologies for being frustrated. I don't foresee any changes regarding this.
  2. Could I ask Evernote people, i.e. staff. Do you hear my request? This is a feature request. Do you understand what I am asking for?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Tags are a useful and helpful functionality.
  4. When I do a search and a note comes up, when I select the note it currently shows what Notebook it is in. I would like to also see the notebook stack listed there. That way, I could navigate to the note through the parent stack and notebook and therefore be able to move/organize of all data I have recorded in Evernote. Currently, I can't organize my stuff because I can't find where it is located.
  5. What does accretion have to do with this? Am I taking myself too seriously? Please. My point (and what I would "like to see different") is to be able to find and relocate what the the search tool brings up so I can organize my notes and better see what is there. I like organization and don't like the notion that I don't need it.
  6. I find it very difficult to organize my notes in Evernote because the search tool does not show what notebook stack a note resides in, only the notebook. When I have hundreds of notes and they're organized in the available tiers (Note>Notebook>Notebook Stack), if I'm ever going to be able to organize them, I need to be able to start at the top level and work down. The search tool works great but only if I know what to search for. I also need to be able to work in the other direction, that is to organize topically and go from general to specific. Can be please add the functionality that Windows and Macs have offered for decades that allows us to organize our data?
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