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  1. Thanks for quick fixing. Drag+Drop ok, direct typing fine. Happy weekend!
  2. Good: Place cursor from outside EN into note and type now works fine. But: Drag n Drop of Outlook attachment no longer working. :-(
  3. Drag-and drop of any type of attachment from Outlook mails into existing note still not possible in 6.9.2. Used to work fine in versions previous to v. 6.8. Cannot mark PDFs for moving/deleting unless changing them to attachment format. Update: Checked it with WIndows Live Mail. Same issue. Did a roll-back to, drag'n drop works fine again. Update: Upgrade to 6.8.4 and it still worked but ONLY from Windows Live Mail, no longer from Outlook. Upgrade to 6.8.5 and thereon kills it also from Windows Live Mail.
  4. Same effect here. from Outlook 2016 drag and drop only works into the notes list, thereby creating a new note. Dragging into an existing note is now forbidden. Dragging a PDF from a note to a mail either results in a link address being pasted or some other strange object. It dose work though to right click a pdf object in a note, click copy and then paste it into an outlook mail window. Unfortunately this does not work the other way round. Needs to be fixed urgently.
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