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  1. I also would love to be able to tag my notes taken in evernote to ical entries, I frequently attend meetings and would love to be able to attach the notes that I take in evernote to a series of meetings so that I could always target the specific conversation that I am having with any one group to a specific notebook, or note.
  2. I have been using penultimate for a couple of months now and with a few niggles was mostly pretty pleased Today however I have experienced some real issues that concern me. Firstly my Jot Script keeps on dropping out of connection with penultimate which is faintly really annoying while I am trying to take some fairly sensitive notes Once my notes were completed I then presumed that they would appear on my mac but all I get is an error message telling me that "an unexpected error occurred while synchronizing with the Evernote service, the cause is listed below, then it tells me to delete the problematic items from Evernote if the problem persists then contact customer support well I haven't been able to delete the items because I don't know what the problematic items are I don't want to delete the items because I do not have another copy of them please help
  3. Since "upgrading" to penultimate 6 I am having a problem erasing any wrist marks on the paper, the eraser does not seem function and if I undo it just undoes all the writing but none of the secondary marks that my hand has made
  4. I want to be able to import pdf files from my mail and then use Jot Script in Penultimate to make notes directly onto the pdf for filing. The only way I can do this at present is to print out the pdf and then take a photo of it, not great!
  5. I find that the Moleskine ipad app has a very good handwriting facility, it allows me to implement a good hand guard, and its writing recognition is better than Penultimate, the only drawback being that I have to export each page individually to Evernote, and it then stores them separately, not ideal but the only way round that I have found so far!
  6. I am using the Adonit Jot script and with a few grumbles, mostly about how the palm recognition software is a bit glitchy, it has done a great job. I still need to work on my style with the pen, my attempts still look like it is my four year old daughter that has been writing, but it is mostly legible, and I have never had any connection issues hope this helps
  7. I also have this problem. When I want to take a photo of an A4 document using document camera it crops the image to a square so removing the top and bottom section but maintaining the white crispness of the paper, when I take a normal photo in evernote, the dimensions remain correct but I have to make do with a bad image quality. Can\t seem to work out how to do the taking a document photo which remains white and is the correct dimensions for A4 paper anyone help?
  8. Bizarrely, I have now tried both leaving spaces either side of the @ and not and they both work, Evernote Customer Support were as flumoxed as I was. Anyway so long as I leave spaces either side, or none at all then everything works fine!
  9. Recipes is the name so I have to type space@spacename to sync with correct book
  10. Having tried a number of different iterations of the evernote instructions,, it seems that you have have to leave a space before and after the @ symbol in order to get the note directed to the correct notebook, not something that is made clear in the evernote instructions, does anyone else have this problem?
  11. Is it possible to change the colour of the notebooks to differentiate them by theme?
  12. Does anyone have a definitive answer to how to email to a particular notebook. the details given by evernote seem not to work and dare I say complicated in terms of spaces, grammar, and punctuation
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