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  1. hi clive... i had copy/paste trouble using evernote on a sony xperia tablet z2... after installing the swiftkey keyboard the problem went away... copy/paste functions as follows: double-tap on a word that is more or less in the middle of the text you want to copy... you should now see two green markers appear... press and drag each marker in turn to the desired position... at the top of your screen you should see various menu choices eg, select all, cut copy etc... tap on "copy" then tap on the position in the text you want to copy to... a p
  2. 29 may 14 hi, i was also suffering from this select/copy/paste problem on my xperia z tablet (up to and including android 4.4.2) when using evernote, and only when using evernote... i also registered a support ticket... then i discovered the app SWIFTKEY and the problem was gone... have only been using the trial version to date, however i will switch to the full version so i can continue to use evernote in the way it was envisioned...
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