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  1. I personally let my premium membership go since i use evernote for recipes, with photos. My Cannon Eos Rebel T3i takes large images. If i insert them into a recipe they are larger than my own screen resolution of 1920x1080. This has still not been resolved. I am running the latest Evernote build for Windows, and the annotate window has non of the "nested options" spoken of by the developers. All i can seem to do is Crop an image which isnt the same thing. My current method is to open the original images in PhotoShop, save them at 10-25% size then import them into evernote. This requires a multitude of additional steps as well as double the amount of images on my hard drive. Personally for an application of this quality to not have basic image editing built in is borderline comedic. It is also pretty silly for an application that allows you to create "tables" to not have basic sizing options for images inserted into those table cells. All i want is the ability to drag and release a corner of the image to create a static percentage of note width to the image. My text takes up about 90% width of the note, i should be able to drag the corner of an image to equal the width of the text, or 10% of the width to create inline images in notes and have it display as such both on screen and in my printer. This frustrates me to no end, and im thinking of moving to a more friendly application, anyone have any recommendations? screenshot attached in crop mode with no "options". Sincerely,
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