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  1. If this has been answered 50 times already, I apologize for the repeat and just point me in the right direction. I have Evernote on my Droid Razr M. If I go to add a note by taking a picture, there's no way to "back out". In other words, I have to take the picture, then delete the note. I can't just decide, "Oops...don't want to take a picture after all." and back up. Or am I missing something. In fact, just then, when I was trying to replicate all this, it actually got stuck in "camera mode" and wouldn't let me back up OR take a picture.I've had to turn my phone off altogether and start over. Same thing with my ASUS Memo tablet, BTW. No way to "back out" other than to take the photo and delete the note. Rick Bohan
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