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  1. People, give credit where credit is due. PenUltimate took a really bad left hand turn but they have corrected it. I am a person that does not like change but 90% of what they've done w the new update is rock solid. It's better than it ever was and it's by far my favorite business app. I tried all of the other apps previously suggested by users on this chain (who probably who work for the deveopers of those apps) and they simply don't compare. It's not even close. PenUltimate is easliy the best note taking app available. The left hand turn sucked you guys... but great job correcting it.
  2. I am still having significant problems with Penultimate picking up my stylus/writing quick enough. No where near where it used to be before the update. Am I the only one still really frustrated by the writing responsiveness of it?? Hey Evernote/Penultimate, can we get a timeline or response on when we can see another update to address this?
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