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  1. I tried the new version and was extremely disappointed. The lack of the home screen greatly decreases the functionality of Evernote on my phone. It also significantly impacts my privacy, as I am often pulling up notes when around other people, whether at a meeting or other function. The screen options on version 8 allowed too much information to be displayed about notes that I was NOT referencing (except the search screen if I cleared all old searches). This is in addition to the increased inefficiency - multiple clicks to get to somewhere when previously there would have been one. I have been
  2. Just reverted back to v7 for my iphone. Love my home screen! Thank you to whomever posted instructions. It was a little fiddly (had to try twice) and I think some things have moved a little (offline notebooks now under premium, not general) but SOOOOOOOOOO much better than update. I have privacy again! NB: premium user.
  3. I am very disappointed that you have gotten rid of home screen. I use evernote on my iphone, mac and ipad for both personal and professional work. With home screen I could keep the info that was visible to a minimum so at meetings the people next to me aren't reading about my pet's needs, etc. Work-arounds now are more difficult and will require more upkeep. Also there is less info density - I have to scroll or search more. Please consider bring back some kind of home screen option for those who need it.
  4. I wanted to add my request to making auto-numbering easily disabled. It is really annoying when you are trying to do informal lists that do not follow prescribed formatting. Thanks to prior responses I have now disabled via preferences, but I think there should be a way to do it on a note-by-note basis.
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