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  1. Thanks Scott! I have now created a new notebook, searched for my keywords and dragged the results into the new notebook which I then shared with my colleagues. It was a bit confusing as I was not sure if the notes are now shifted into the new notebook (and not copied) as the notes didn't disappear in the view; I checked and it seems that they have been moved and not copied. The tags I was referring to are from the Web Clipper. I find that quite useful. So far, I searched for the tags to find things again. However, I didn't know about the excellent search function so I could even search for keywords in any notes, no matter which tags I gave them. Sometimes the tags evolve over time; the search function for keywords is more useful in that respect. Great to learn more about Evernote. Thank you all for your quick help, problem solved!
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. Maybe I don't use the Notebook function properly as I never change it. I only have one Notebook and use the Web Clipper to tag and find things again. Works fine for me. But now I want to share the things I have collected. When I search for the tags, many valuable tags come up I would like to share completely as a list. But not the Notebook as this would be too much. So copying and pasting the URLs should be the solution for this?
  3. As I have accumulated valuable tags over time with the Web Clipper which could be useful for my colleague now, I am wondering how to share them. There must be a function allowing sharing multiple tags and not having to share them one by one?! Or copy and paste them? I don't have the tags in a certain notebook, so sharing the notebook wouldn't help. Haven't found anything about this; can someone help? Thank you in advance!
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