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  1. Problem solved, well at least temporarily. The three or four of us that reported having this problem are all using Skitch 2.8.1 which automatically updated on my Mac on March 10. I simply downgraded to 2.8.0 and the problem disappeared. If you go this route, remember to go to Skitch Preferences and turn off auto update or you will eventually be right back where you started. Here is the download link for 2.8.0: https://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/skitch/mac/release/Skitch-2.8.0.zip
  2. It appears that the only support option that I have is here on the forum. I am not a Business or Premium user, and when I go to the support page it says to create a ticket to report a bug, but there is not option to do so. I do not use Twitter so that locks me out as far as I can see. It would be helpful if one of the others here who reported the same issue might be able to submit a ticket about this problem.
  3. Okay I'm still working on this and believe that I have found the culprit. In checking the recent updates, I see that Skitch was updated on March 10, just about the time that this problem appeared. And it looks like the key reason for the update has something to do with dragging and dropping images. So it appears that in the process of fixing one problem another was created. I've included a screenshot from my update screen. How does one report this bug?
  4. So there are three of us that are showing the same issue, all with the same OS, Mac 10.13.3, perhaps therein lies the problem. I would be curious to have someone running a different version of the Mac system chime in as to whether they are able to duplicate the problem.
  5. This is interesting, I'm curious to know if there was a change in the Mac OS within the past two weeks or so? I've followed the exact same snap and drag routine for almost two years without issue, the problem didn't start until somewhere between two and three weeks ago.
  6. There is a Mac system screenshot utility and another called "Grab", they both work without any problems. Skitch has a much nicer interface though, and when doing twenty-five snaps at a sitting every week, I much prefer Skitch for it's speed and ease of use. I have to say that it is very strange to complete one file, start the second and just watch the first one disappear.
  7. This one has me stumped, I hope someone can help. I can create a screen snap in Skitch of a database screen, name it, select "jpg" as the file type, and then drag it to my hard drive. I move to the next record in the database and try to repeat the exact same steps, but this time within seconds of making the second screen snap in Skitch, the first jpg disappears from my hard drive. I can actually see it vanish, it just leaves. This is a procedure that I have done weekly for almost two years, creating about twenty-five screen snaps per week. I've tried PDF instead of jpg, and I also tried dragging to a different folder, the result is the same. The only work around was to "Export" the file rather than drag it, but that is more time consuming and I would like to get the drag option back. Any ideas? Mac 10.13.3 Skitch 2.8.1
  8. In the lower left corner of the Snitch App on my Mac, you can adjust the image size. I need to regularly snap about thirty images all at 50%, but after each snap the size reverts back to 100%. Is there are setting somewhere that would allow me to keep the 50% setting so that I don't have to adjust it after each snap? Charles
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