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  1. Thank you very much, you were probably right. I can work with my app normally now.
  2. It probably doesn't work for me. I can click on links on the page, but I see no arrows at the top when scrolling upward. Going through the history of the pages, I can see blank white screen with only green top pane with done button and other described buttons.
  3. Hello. I have evernote client under ipad. I have displayed one clipped page in fullscreen mode: at the top I can see "Done" button, title of the page, right and left arrow, "reload" button and "share" button (box with arrow going upwards). The rest of the screen is occupied by the content of the page. How can I jump from this view? I tried "Done" button, but it does nothing except for going grey and green during/after the touch. Rest of buttons also don't help (but they are probably doing their job). I tried to kill the application, but when I start it again, it again switches to this view. :-( App store says that all my applications are up to date.
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