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  1. Notebook really is lovely! I feel like I'm working on the proper side of my brain again. ?

    I'm still paying for Evernote because my team is established here. As soon as Notebook has more or less caught up with EN, we'll all move over there.

    The lack of response really is sad, but you can't make a company what it's not. I vote with my dollars - always have, always will.

  2. On 4/17/2018 at 12:36 PM, GoProBeta said:

    I've now taken the recommendation from a few folks on this blog and installed Zoho.  Thus far, I am very impressed.  The migration was turn-key, the notebook view is fantastic and overall User Interface is very good.  I've been on it for about 2 weeks. 

    In part because of this comment, GPB, I decided to check out Notebook before I got too settled in to OneNote. WOW. Exactly what I was looking for. What a thing of beauty, in so many senses.

    I'm keeping my collaborative work stuff on Evernote, and moving all my personal/family stuff over to Notebook. By reducing the number of notebooks on EN to the bare minimum, I can live with the non-grid view. Besides, I don't want to force our team to another system, at least for now.

    But for anyone who works more in visual spaces and is more at home in an intuitive mode, Notebook is a home run. Again: WOW.

  3. Probably safe to assume by now that EN hasn't been persuaded to include a grid view as it moves along.

    Turns out I've had OneNote all this time, having paid for the Office 365 suite. I've started to use it; not enough data to make a full judgment yet.

    From what I've read online, the last hump is upgrading their web clipper so it has the functionality inherent in the EN version. Can't imagine that will be an issue forever.

    But yes, for us right-brained folk, the visual will always be easier and more intuitive, so for me it's the better choice for now. It's too bad; I'm one of those folks who finds a good brand and stays with it, so migrating off EN is (perhaps illogically) sad for me.

  4. I'm on a 2014 Mac Air, up to date with High Sierra. My EN version is 7.0.1. My browser is Firefox, up to date.

    I can't clip articles to one particular notebook - it doesn't show up on the Notebook list on the clipper pulldown. If I search for it by name nothing shows up.

    It doesn't show up on the website when I'm logged in via Firefox either. I can only access this notebook on the laptop app.

    I've synced from both ends but it's still not showing up. Any ideas please?


  5. I saw so many protests when this change was made - I really thought it would be reverted by now. I too work visually, and the list view is completely non-intuitive to me.

    I've read through all the discussions here, and it seems as though EN has decided to stay with list view. It doesn't work for me.

    I've seen several people refer to the Zoho app, which looks promising. I don't need pretty pictures and vibrant colors - all very nice, but not essential. But I do need that visual element so that paging through a list isn't a speedbump.

    I don't want to force a change on the team until I'm sure. I'll test-drive Zoho and move us all over there if its missing features don't make it a deal-breaker.

    I'm really disappointed that EN has been so unresponsive to these many, many demands and requests to give back something so many of us valued. Oh well.

  6. 1. I've searched the forums for this first issue, and have found nothing more recent than 2015. The help and learning pages I've found haven't covered it.

    I'm on a Mac using the app. When I have a work chat open, I can see the avatar of my co-worker. Mine is the generic grey silhouette. I do have a profile pic loaded, and it does show up elsewhere.

    How can I get it to show in the chat window?

    2. Is there a way to see in Chat whether someone is logged in, as in Google Hangouts? I only know someone is there when they slide a comment in. How can I tell they have the chat open on their side?


  7. Yes. Which brings me back to that problem with attaching files:


    Then I tried to share the file (the screenshot) on a new note instead. I opened a note in the shared notebook, gave it a title, and dragged the screenshot I was trying to share into it. On the left column of notes, the image showed up as part of the note. In the main page, the note had only the title - no visible file. I opened the note in its own window, and again - no screenshot.

    Any idea what happened there?


  8. My team and I are just beginning to coordinate our work on EN. We've moved over from Google Docs and I'm not sure how similar the system is. I've poked around the documentation on the site but came up empty on some things.

    A few questions:

    When my coworker and I (both on Mac Airs, up to date with Sierra and the latest EN version) were both logged in and on Work Chat, I created a new note in our shared notebook. Should she have seen that in progress as I was creating and writing in it, or is there a Save feature that effectively publishes it for her eyes? In Google Docs, for example, I can see her typing.

    In Work Chat, I wanted to share a screenshot with her. I couldn't find the function for adding that image file to our conversation. How do I do that?

    Then I tried to share the file (the screenshot) on a new note instead. I opened a note in the shared notebook, gave it a title, and dragged the screenshot I was trying to share into it. On the left column of notes, the image showed up as part of the note. In the main page, the note had only the title - no visible file. I opened the note in its own window, and again - no screenshot.

    Help me out here? Thanks.

  9. I'm judging user interest not by the votes on one post, but on multiple discussions here and across the Web.

    Not requesting skeuomorphism, but something as simple and basic as different colors for different notebooks.

    It's funny, now that you bring it up - my Dropbox is nothing but a list, but my eyes have no problem with that. Maybe I'll like it better. Thanks for the heads-up! Any timeline announced for general release?

  10. I've grudgingly accepted that Google Calendar is the only way for our team to keep track of what we're scheduling when. Oh, how I wish there were a full-function EN calendar!

    Whining aside: I understand that when I create events or reminders in EN, it will sync with the gcal. But I have private notebooks as well as shared notebooks in my EN. I want only the events/reminders from my few shared notebooks to show up in the team calendar.

    I've poked around looking to set that restriction, but haven't found it. Is it possible? Thanks!

  11. How nice of you to answer so quickly! Thanks.


    Since I was logged in to ask this question, I attempted to edit the Garden notebook online. I selected and deleted all the Getting Started text. The system thought about it for a moment, then reinstated all of it. Three attempts, same result.


    I appreciate the suggestion to start a new account, but I don't want to take on any fresh hell tonight. I'll go make myself a Word document and cut and paste what I want into it, while I monitor for responses next week.


    I hear people love this system. My first two forays into it sure don't reveal why. Just lost two hours out of my life that I won't get back, with nothing to show for it. My significant other, an expert in software storage systems, has been trying to help me out and can't make any sense of EN either. That makes me feel a bit less of an idiot, anyway!


    Thanks again, GrumpyMonkey.

  12. This is the second time I've tried to use EN. The first was on my Android; I aborted quickly because it wasn't an intuitive system and I had no particular goal, was just exploring. I wrote it off.


    Today I opened it on my Mac Air with the specific goal of starting a garden journal. So far: very frustrating.


    Here are the two specific roadblocks I've come up against:

    1.) I created a new notebook and named it (surprise!) Garden. All the "Getting Started" info showed up in my workspace. I attempted to delete it. A pop-up appeared in the upper right corner, next to an icon of a locked padlock: "This note was created in another application. To edit this note, open it in the application where it was created."


    Another application??? I just created the damned thing 60 seconds before trying to edit it. What else could I possibly open it in?


    2.) Because I could do nothing with this notebook, I decided to delete it and start fresh. I control-clicked the icon of the Garden notebook from the list (the only other notebook icon on the page has a trash can picture on it). The drop-down menu has a Delete Notebook option on it, but it's greyed out.


    I attempted to pull the Garden notebook icon over the other notebook icon with the Trash picture on it. No good.


    So now I have a notebook I can't edit or delete, and a deep curiosity as to why this application is so non-intuitive. Give up again? I figured I'd ask here first.


    Oh, and I did probe through the Getting Started and Help pages.  Nothing seemed applicable; the video shows the act of beginning  a new notebook, but no Getting Started text on the fresh page, thus no info on how to remove it - or in fact on how to make the notebook editable.


    Any help appreciated.

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