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  1. One solution can solve all of the problems notes in this 288 post forum. Allow users to choose their own thumbnails. Please bring this to the attention of the technical support team. Thank You.
  2. Jeff (Evernote Support) Mar 30, 15:30 Hello, and thank you for contacting Evernote Support. My name is Jeff, and I'll be happy to assist with your inquiry. It is currently not possible to choose which contents and/or images to be displayed in your notes' preview thumbnails, as it is not a feature. Thank you for your kind feedback and request concerning the ability to choose the thumbnail for your notes. I have relayed this information to the development team for further review. We always welcome suggestions and I think this is excellent feedback to pass along. While I cannot guarantee the changes can be made, they are taken into consideration by the development team. Thank you so much for your feedback and thank you for helping make Evernote a better product! Warmly, Jeff B. retrospy Mar 23, 08:35 I am not able to select which image to use as the thumbnail on any of my notes. I made sure I am running the most recent updates on all of my devices (iPads, iPhone5, MacBookPro, Windows 8.1). There are no instructions in the support pages on how to do this. Please help.
  3. I submitted another help ticket on this issue. (The squeaky wheel gets the grease) "I am unable to select which image to use as the thumbnail on any of my notes." I encourage others to do the same. If a slew of help tickets doesn't make the radar, I'm considering a "We the People" petition
  4. I agree Luk. Good synopsis of this thread. I would also add... It is common in most apps that use photos and thumbnails to also include a cropping tool. I have done a lot of extra tedious work with Photoshop, cropping desired thumbnails and re-sizing these cropped images to gigantic proportions, all to trick the lame Evernote algorithm. Thumbnail selection has become a user expectation. I can't think of a single added feature more important than this. Given the prevalence of these thumbnail features across all kinds of programs and apps, I figure it must be easy to implement. It's a "low hanging fruit". Knowing it's simple to do and that it has not been done, I conclude that Evernote has made an intentional design choice to avoid this feature. I would really like to hear why.
  5. I'm not trying to punish Evernote with large uploads. My hope would be that Evernote is using a variety of analytics. That (possibly) an influx of large image files, or a higher percentage of accounts maxing out their upload limits, or meta data showing significant % increases, would get the attention of a decision maker. Support requests and forum requests are not getting the attention of decision makers. It's a testament to my frustrations, that I would be excited about a long shot idea like this
  6. Thanks a bunch for sharing this work around Yahenda. I will dust off my failing macbook pro and give this a go over the weekend. Still dumbfounded that Evernote would rather sit on their hands and have people flood their servers with gigantic images, rather than add this simple feature. I'm considering setting the image size to scale 900% just for the purpose of drawing attention to the problem. Humongous files, here I come.
  7. For what it's worth, I submitted a ticket on this. I received a canned answer about how Evernote cares, but they don't know anything. I find this issue to be a cruel and ironic trick. Evernote, for the most part, has made a stellar and clean app that appeals to analytic and organized minds. Yet, when it comes to this very simple and needed organizational tool, they fall short. Pleasure spiked with pain. In some cases, I'm tempted to go to such lengths as manually re-sizing my preferred icon image to have gargantuan proportions -- thus meeting the algorithm requirements.
  8. It's been 3.5 years since this problem was identified. No action from Evernote. I'm willing to sign any formal petitions. I'm open to alternative applications.
  9. This is the #1 thing currently bothering me right now. Some images are just not ideal for small scale icon recognition. Images take far less time to recognize, compared to reading text. In a brimming Evernote environment, icon recognition is a major time saver. Especially when jumping between lots of notes. Please implement a simple icon selecting system. Facebook has set a good example and expectations of ease.
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