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  1. Thanks for asking... Our job requires us to to go through terms and conditions for certain sites. It really can be a struggle to read and check for essentials. Its a good thing there is Vocabulary Highlighter; we just add up words there and everytime we go through a site, it automatically highlights and so its easier for us to see the most vital words and phrases for us, saving an ample amount of time. I wish in Evernote there could be something similar. So that the next time we would add up shortened terms on Evernote, important words would just automatically highlight itself without having to manually do it.
  2. I hope for Evernote to add up such feature. Its very useful for our job and can save time rather than manually highlighting repeated (important) words.
  3. Is there a feature in evernote where in you can PERMANENTLY highlight words or phrases? So that the next time you type a word on Evernote, it will immediately highlight itself? Thanks
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