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  1. This would be nice and has been suggested. I'm not sure if we will see it soon or ever, but in the meantime what I do is I have the main Evernote application on my laptop (main display) and then launch the note in a separate window and then drag that window to the monitor that I want the presentation mode to display on (secondary display). If you launch the presentation from that window it will launch on that display and you will then have the main application on the primary display where you will be able to edit live, once it becomes available in Windows. Thanks for this tip, it certainly helped me deal a little better with presentation mode. I am finding, though, that once a note is opened and in presentation mode on the second monitor, there is then no way to scroll through notes. Perhaps this has more to do with how I use Evernote (I'm a notebook fanatic) then how Evernote intends presentation mode to work. Is there a way to open a notebook on a second monitor and then scroll through notes?
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