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  1. thanks for your reply and i did reach out to the third party for assistance and i actually got a faster reply from them. and as usual the finger pointing is the same. I would say this I do understand when you get something for nothing u get Lower priority than something u pay for. having said that why would i pay for something that i can't rely on ? If your going to partner with someone you should make sure it works from both sides before releasing it to the public. I have seen a little bit trickle into evernote from the first days data there is still 4 more days to go and don't know how or why it is doing that much Thanks for your help
  2. I have had Evernote for quite some time and have not used it very much until about a week ago. I only using the free version until i see if its worth paying the fee for premium. What i have done is setup some partner (IHealth) and want to sync the Blood Pressure readings with them. Have been on both sites and have everything setup to sync. I don't get anything. I have contacted support with the question and have not heard back from them. It has been almost 5 days and no response. That's a big strike against them if they expect me to pay for the premium version. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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