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  1. Ok I'll try this ... so I need to look for an editor which supports super and sub script from which I will copy and paste to my evernote
  2. I lost all my notes I dont know how ... and it even dont syncs my notes on other devices ... so its a c r a p
  3. Hellow EN team ... I am a regular Ever note user ... and I make all my study note of physics chemistry and maths via my evernote app for android .. its really an awesome app and am thinking to go premium. Can u please add the subscript and superscript option in the app . As its quite messy to write physics notes without superscripts as most of the things in physics are in 10 to the power of somthing something.. and in chemistry .. i really miss the feature of subscript as I have to write chemical equation which have yhe use of subscripts like H2O Plz this feature for the app .. Thank u
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