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  1. Have been an Evernote user for more than a decade and it is EXCRUCIATING to not have any ability to pin notes to the top, particularly given the enormous size of my collection and how many different uses it is trying to serve in different contexts. The recent removal of the "Reminders hack" by splitting out Notes and Reminders into separate views was a heartbreaking insult to the injury. Wordpress solved this "lost in a reverse cron sea of information" problem via pinning. It is the best known solution (yet) for combining the best of recency and priority -- Evernote has been flirting with
  2. A couple of months ago I beefed up my usage of the Sidebar as the "working stack" of important items & projects which is extensive enough to extend "below the fold," and since then have noticed issues with syncing the correct list across the 3 computers I routinely use Evernote on (also iPad and iPhone, FWIW). Having been "sync burned" a few times in the past I've gotten pretty good about making sure only 1 computer has Evernote launched at any given time, but I still notice a lot of problems getting the Sidebar list to be "current" as in, "matching the set from the machine i last used &am
  3. Not working on Mountain Lion either for me. Workaround not working either. Insanely annoying.
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