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  1. i would also love love love this feature. alternatively, just being able to create folders or groups of tags/notebooks/notes in the Shortcuts list would be swell too.
  2. My Shortcuts list in the sidebar is egregiously long because it's so useful -- though one negative side effect is the "Recent Notes" list drops below the fold when my laptop isn't connected to a monitor (my second most frequently-accessed area because switching back and forth between multiple notes is such a common behavior). It would be awesome to be able to make Folders for different Shortcut collections so they could be collapsed depending on context. Right now I use a hack to separate the chunks with a dummy "spacer" note, but actual folders would be way more elegant and bring the Recent Notes back into play... (on a related note, it would be awesome to just be able to move Recent Notes to the top. And make it more items as needed ;-P).
  3. A couple of months ago I beefed up my usage of the Sidebar as the "working stack" of important items & projects which is extensive enough to extend "below the fold," and since then have noticed issues with syncing the correct list across the 3 computers I routinely use Evernote on (also iPad and iPhone, FWIW). Having been "sync burned" a few times in the past I've gotten pretty good about making sure only 1 computer has Evernote launched at any given time, but I still notice a lot of problems getting the Sidebar list to be "current" as in, "matching the set from the machine i last used & synced on." The worst "encounter" came when syncing the 3rd and least often used machine -- despite not having opened Evernote in several weeks on that computer but using it daily on my work laptop (which syncs every 5 minutes and gets a manual sync before I leave work), it completely overwrote the entire Sidebar stack with an ancient list. More recently I've noticed the Sidebar getting "close" when an older version syncs up, but missing a few items that were added recently (despite having synced multiple times from the "current" machine). The next time the "current" machine gets synced, it too "loses" the new items to match the incomplete list that appeared on the older machine. TL:DR version -- it seems like there may be some timestamping issue with the Sidebar sync preventing the cloud/stored version from knowing which version is "most current"...
  4. Not working on Mountain Lion either for me. Workaround not working either. Insanely annoying.
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