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  1. I've not had any syncing problems but found the solution to my typing problem. It was a problem in the iOS software update that I updated at the same time as Evernote. The keyboard functionality changed on upgrade. I clicked the split keyboard button and now all is working. I found this clue on another thread. Synicng snd the typing issue seem a common problems, surprised Evernote doesn't have support staff helping here with the issue. Still a big Evernote fan but now regularly backing up html files of all my notes to external drive.
  2. Thanks MeadowsBaird for sharing your response from Evernote. Looks like I may have to jumpship with Evernote as I can't use it. Unfortunately I've recommended it to dozens of clients, feel foolish for that one. I'm wondering if there is a more useful forum for getting a response such as Twitter or Facebook. It doesn't seem Evernote actually monitors this forum for user feedback. Worse than that, they probably do monitor this forum but the response you received proves they don't seem to care enough about basic functionality and user experience to make improvements.
  3. I'm having the same issue with my iPad Air. Latest version of the app installed and the latest iOS installed (8.1.1) I've tried reinstalling. Restarting and also reinstalling from the App Store. Nothing has worked. As I type, the pop-up keyboard on my iPad blocks what I'm typing. Please help! I was going to upgrade just due to EN's usefulness, not because I need extra features and I have loads of my cients now using it. Sadly, now I can't even type in my notes and have recommended to my clients that they back up all notes. This is a serious issue. I've exported all of my notes and hate to have to move onto something else so please Evernote, are you aware of this issue? What can be done?
  4. I have been having issues as well. Most notably with the text scrolling on my iPad air. I upgraded my iOS software to 8.1.1 to see if the situation would be corrected but it has not. I also deleted and reinstalled the Evernote app but the problem persists. I use it daily and only just recently began having the problem. Not being able to see what I'm typing is of course a major issue. I run a business group and recommended the program to countless people, not for any referral incentive just because I find the app so useful. This typing issue has made it completely useless on the iPad for me, the device I use it on most often. I've spent hours trying to find an answer to this problem. I've found many people with the same issues but no solutions anywhere. It's a serious issue when a note taking programme doesn't allow the user to read the notes while typing. Help Evernote! I have hundreds of notes invested in you. Like many other people, I can't help wonder why the investment in branded physical products such as backpacks when the core product needs work. Everything I read about CEO Libin makes me believe he's a smart, logic driven guy. Please Mr. Libin, help Evernote get back to basics, it's such a great tool.
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