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  1. I don't know if this will answer some of the more persistent problems some of you are experiencing, but I found that this older version from December 2013 has fixed the constant Not Responding problem I was experiencing. Perhaps it's missing some of the latest bells and whistles but for clipping and note taking it works fine. https://app.box.com/s/3tnraio8k7yd51a7ecet BTW Microsoft Onenote is getting much better especially for business users looking for Outlook integration.
  2. I agree with you on this problem has nothing to do with hardware. But the point I was trying to make is the way EN access the .exb file on any given system: by I/O disk reading. More you have a large .exb file more that reading access could take time. That said even with the most fast SSD drive out there you will still have the "not responding" message. The difference I have when I test it on 2 of my different machine (one with SSD and the other one with HDD) is that the SSD one lag time is considerably less longer. I have a laptop with a "Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB" SSD drive on it and I still have the "not respond" message from time to time but it can only last a couple of sec and not more. The whole problem is just the way EN index the data. Just look the way Outlook can index emails and how fast you can retrieve them (I am not a big fan of Outlook but I have to say that having more than 5000 emails and be able to find one in particular in a matter of few sec impressed me). Why EN can't just do the same Indexing system? I don't get it. I think we're discussing different issues. When doing a search, especially with several keywords, a lag can be expected. What I'm complaining about is random, constant delays of 20 seconds or more. These don't especially occur when searching or anything like this, just typing plain text into a new note. For example I'll be pounding away taking notes during a lecture and look down to see I'm sentences behind.
  3. I think this current problem has nothing to do with hardware. I've been using EN since 2010 (on an older laptop) and have slowly accumulated over 1000 sometimes large notes including ALL my notes while working on a graduate degree, but never had this Not Responding problem before. It only started when with the latest upgrade, which (perhaps not coincidentally) corresponded with my upgrade to Pro. I'm using a Dell M4700 workstation with 32GB or RAM, and an SSD, so if it takes even more power to run EN smoothly, then this is a very flawed program. Can anyone post a link to an older, working version of EN? I don't know what functionality was supposed to have been improved in the latest upgrade, but I'm sure I can do without it. Evernote developers, owners, or anyone who cares about your reputation: are you watching this? Can we cut through the upgrade > reinstall run-around and fix this? Microsoft OneNote is starting to look really appealing.
  4. Evernote went from being my favorite app across several platforms to the most frustrating on Windows after the last update. It is unusable and "not responding" more than not. The Windows 8.1 version of Evernote runs on an a workstation that has plenty of power so it's definitely not a computer issue. The only thing I can think of is I just upgraded from free to premium using a trial offer with a new phone. Perhaps if I go back to the free version it'll start working again. So far no response to my support ticket after three days.
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