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  1. I actually did this and it worked a while but the sad part the problem i back...that's why I sent two tickets. One at the first sight of problems and a second when the issues reoccured.
  2. Solutions aside, seems like Evernote failed big time when dropping a release that apparently were far from functioning since they even knew about the indexing issue and made an insane move like trying to mediate it as a functionality rather than a failure... I really want to get it "fixed" and not having to migrate all information to another solutions just because someone didn't think their task through in the latest update.
  3. Hi Chris, this is "last resort". I've dropped two separate tickets with no response. I just got the general newsletter type email saying that indexing is the reason that there are delays. Have uninstalled, reinstalled and done everything by the book. I'm on the Mac with both an Air and iMac running Yosemite. Unfortunately no old version in hand. The latest ticket is - Ticket# 837566 - When clicking a note, no content can be seen in the window itself. This came after the update.
  4. Would be nice to get some input from the Evernote team since they can't possibly think Evernote can be considered working when having to wait 10 mins to open a single note and we as paying customers merely get the feedback that it's an indexing functionality. Hello, Evernote support! You there???
  5. It's extremely frustrating when having a huge amount of information needed in my day to day work and not being able to access it. Right now I'm exporting every not in HTML format so I can access them without having to wait 10 minutes for the notes to open. I'm having a hard time to see this as an upgrade, rather a downgrade to the old 33.6 modem days...
  6. I have tried to re-install and wait for the indexing of notes since the update now and it's still completely broken. Trying to work with Evernote while it takes 5-20 minutes to open a note and most of the time it looks like the CSS has broken completely and the note itself has no formatting and the content is all over the place. I have contacted your support with no response and it's getting extremely irritating, please advise. What do I do to get it working again? This is a pain!!!
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