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  1. Well pretty close to 4 full business days with no response to ticket 526055. The quote for the Windows 7 Client still has not updated and it gives an error when we try to scan directly into evernote. Of course the website reports she has 0 usage, which is accurate. I have removed and re-installed the client with no positive results. I understand that this is a free account and we are at the bottom of the help queue, I could even understand it better if it were not a known problem. Tough to get someone to pay for a product that has a known bug and get zero support for it. It is both frustrating and disappointing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I understand what you are saying, This account is the Free version. Actually, this is my wife's account (My Wife likes to say I am her tech support for life ), I am a premium user, but I run Windows 8.1 client and as far I as I can tell I have not had the issue. . Sure appreciate the feedback and we will give it a couple more days. Thanks Again! Regard, Doc
  3. yes, it does seem to be the client in my case. However, Jefito recommends putting in a support ticket, that is a rather disappointing process so far. I submitted the ticket 5/19 @ 2130 and here it is 5/21 @ 0540 no response (other than the automated confirmation they received my ticket). Additionally I have updated my client with the latest to no avail, the client still reports 97% used while the web reports 0% used (the web is accurate). Additionally, I removed and re-installed EN to no avail.
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