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  1. And to make sure I remember the tags and use the same to avoid duplication in the first place (misspellings) I'd like to have a drop-down list in the tag field and/or the possibility to drag an existing tag from the list into the note... Is that already possible?
  2. I agree, we should leave it up to the user how she wants to retrieve the notes and for me a 1-5 star rating and the filter along stats (which note did I generate most recently independent of in which notebook; which note did I edit, read etc the most often - or never?) would be helpful add-ons. The tag workaround of $,$$,$$$ etc goes some way but Evernote might want to provide more elegant approaches... any other ideas?
  3. I like (at least most of the time) the predictive title function on evernote. But I seem not to be able to get it on the Evernote desktop version (nor via the web browser). I know the setting on the iOS version but is there some similar switch for the Desktop version? THanks Max
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