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  1. Good morning, I just wanted to pop on here for a quick minute and introduce myself and ask a question that perhaps EN members and Moderator might be able to help answer. I'm Keleia, and live in the Pacific Northwest. I am currently using Android os on my smartphone and also my tablet. I just upgraded to premium EN, and was very disappointed that I am unable to use the business card scanning app. Since I am a premium member, when can I (and everyone else!) expect to get what I am paying for? I absolutely love using EN, and I ask this question with all sincerity. EN has been around since 2009 (I think!!) Android is a very good os, and EN really needs to get the business card scanning app up and running. Does anyone have a work-around idea or use with another app that might help me? Thanking you all in advance, Off to start my day,
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