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  1. THANKS! IT WORKED for what I need!!! Albeit a stupid work-around that shouldn't be necessary... I am annoyed that the web version has auto-changed checkboxes to creating a line through them when you check them. I see on desktop that you can choose checklist boxes versus what I use, but that's not an option in the web version I always use. I use it as a grocery list, blank boxes. When I check them, it means buy that item. I uncheck as the items go into the cart. This new checklist format turns it grey and draws a line through it. Grr.
  2. I bolded above in Nik's post ... I did what he suggested and IT WORKED! The issue has COMPLETELY gone away by turning on "Do Not Track," and has continued with zero issues for many days since. NOT just a coincidence. Thanks so much @Nik Silver !
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