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  1. UPDATE: As far as I am concerned, Evernote 5.4.1 RC has solved my freezing problems I Hope you guys have had your problems solved.
  2. I know how you feel Jon, and as you said, the step back in usability is huge. If you want to downgrade, here you can find 5.2: >>download Evernote 5.2<<
  3. They sent me this shared note with it: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s397/sh/7085d99b-df9b-45bf-a1c8-873aa4099f71/469c81e3f89220b5511aff00bd04d617
  4. I have the same problem, as you can see in this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59474-evernote-momentarily-freezes-while-working-on-it-giving-no-feedback/ I tried several times to refresh the database and uninstalled it with Revo with no success. The only solution I have found to this moment is downgrading to version 5.2 Good luck, and please comment any progress ;-)
  5. Thanks Xabi and Hans, I didn't notice the tagging problem as I am not a power-tagger (although the few ones I use are crucial for me). I think I am going to stay with 5.2 for some time, at least until 5.5 . By the way ¿is it a evernote business related problem? ¿Are you both in Business plan?
  6. UPDATE: The problem was getting worse (at least from my point of view) Evernote crashed from time to time. Another clear installation of Beta version 5.4.1 made no difference. After several emails, support agreed to send me a previous Evernote Version. I have downgraded to Evernote 5.2. and, as you wonder, it has "solved" the problem. There is no freezing... Although, in fact, there is some (now I am very sensitive), it feels like the beginning of the problem, it happens when notes are sync or sorted, but it is not problematic to work with. I had suspected from the very beginning that Version 5.4 was the cause of my problems and not my computer as they confirmed that my hardware is enough for Evernote (Win 7 Dual-core i5 with 4Gb RAM). I am not satisfied, as I have lost very interesting functionalities like presentation, so I am going to keep an eye on this issue, and I hope to inform you as well.
  7. UPDATE FOR READERS: I am still working on it with the support team (i am on business membership). I have already refresh the database (twice) and re-install cleanly with Revo. Nothing has changed, in fact, as far as I know, it is worsening: it keeps on freezing while writing, also while changing notes, and from time to time, it hangs, with the "loading" cursor in that way that it seems it is going to break. As soon as I can obtain a solution, i will post it here.
  8. Hi! thanks a lot, I wonder if you could guide me on how to refresh the database, (I have already raised a support ticket and reinstalled it). I already know you from reading other posts, and i would like to thank your labour
  9. Since my last update to version 5.4. Evernote freezes for some moments, while I write. You can still write or work, but you cannot see it. Suddenly, it comes alive again, showing everything you have done. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is, as you have no feedback of what you are doing. It is not a hardware problem, as I have reboot it and previously, it worked flawlessly on my intel i5 Win 7 64 bits. Any help or idea would be much appreciated and please excuse my english
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