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  1. With the web clipper loaded you can no longer use the keyboard to change the state of checkboxes. See https://github.com/mui-org/material-ui/issues/24741 for more details. Basically the web clipper causes accessibility bugs if it is loaded. As an aside, I love how the email address associated with the extension in the Chrome web store is useless. Good job, there. -- edited from a version that implied that the clipper was only incompatible with the material ui library.
  2. I don't particularly mind bug reporting being forum based, my comment was more about how that's not what their web site says, since that leads you to a dead end. If you go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=176617 which is where you end up if you look to report a bug, you eventually end out being told: Please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem. For example: Steps to reproduce Screen recording or screenshots Device & operating system Which is all fine and good, except it leaves you no clue that you are meant to go to the forums and post your bug.
  3. Agreed, this bug is incredibly annoying. Particularly since it used to work very nicely. I should note that switching to the all images view and reselecting the image that you want also works.
  4. I think that it's worth pointing out that even if you are a paid customer, the "contact Evernote Support" link takes you through a menu that eventually tells you to submit a ticket but doesn't tell you how to actually submit a ticket. After much searching, I can't find any way to actually report a bug. You can complain in the public forums but that seems to be it.
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