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  1. Hi Kirby, I am new to EN, and i use the same method for my tags, i.e. first letter of the tag in cap. I am using EN on windows client and android and ipad. when i type and enter a new tag to a note, EN (on windows) does not auto-capitalize it! is this only true for mac?
  2. Hi, I've recently started using evernote free on my Windows PC and Android. As of now i don't have many notes. I have a basic structure in mind that i want to implement using tags, notebooks, note links and notebook stacks as i already have a lot of data (digital and paper) with me. But before that i want to know what's the difference between 'My Notebooks' and 'Personal Notebooks' so that i can put it in the right category. When i view my evernote windows client, and click the 'Notebooks' tab in the left panel, i can see a drop down menu in the right/centre area, which has these 3 options. 'All Notebooks', My Notebooks', 'Personal Notebooks'. Since i only have some test notes, random notes, and a few test notebooks with me, i really dunno what these mean, cuz it shows all my notebooks each time i select any of these 3 types. I'd like a little help as to what these are, how they are different, and how can i create notebooks of each type. P.S.- m guessing my notebooks are the ones which are not shared with anyone, and personal will come into play if i have EN biz. but still if i share any of my 'all notebooks' will it be seen under my/personal/both... what? can someone please explain each of these categories separately and that how do they work together? BTW, i just noticed that same is the case with tags! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. hi, your post made me wonder whether titling everything by date is redundant (for the purpose of arranging notes chronologically) or not, 'cuz can't we already do that with sort by created?? just curious... let me know if there are any differences. Thanks in advance.
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