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  1. Upgraded my Mac.. Did the Time Machine carry over. Even tried to re-install Evernote normally.

    Now my helper (Elephant in top bar) only launches if Evernote launches. aka need Evernote in my 'startup' program lists, to get to have the elephant, or at least manually start up Evernote.

    But before, there was a separate type of program that you could place in your login items called Evernotehelper. 

    The functionality of the screen snap (Elephant helper) is definately something ideal for a startup program, whilst Evernote in itself is something I would rather start up when I actually need it.

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  2. On 7/1/2016 at 1:02 AM, DTLow said:

    I think its a brilliant idea.
    Its seems to be causing a lot of the non-paying users to leave.  These are non-paying, and will never pay.
    And it's more incentive for new users trying the service, to switch to a pay account

    Stop saying rubbish. Popped in to see how the old friend I left was doing. 

    I paid for Evernote, for many years. I was using the product a bit less, for a few months, so let my subscription end. Was going to pay again, but the two device limit plus steep price hike, meant that I would be held ransom to Evernote, for the rest of my life.

    notes belonged to me, so I just moved everything, to one note, and now pay for Microsoft services, that do just as much at a fraction of the cost. 

    I had always planned to support Evernote. I loved it. And was going to get back to it. But then they appointed the failed google guy as the new CEO, to drive profits. 

    He put in the two device limit... and Evernote seems to be steadily declining. 

    Always sad to see a product people once loved, ***** it's customers in the back.

    Frankly, when they did the 2 device limit, I did something I would have never considered doing before. And that was open my eyes, to how much work was put into one note, and how it is actually a better product than Evernote.

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  3. 2 hours ago, DTLow said:

    The post you quoted was not an example of defending Evernote.  
    A user had asked if anyone thought Evernote would implement encryption, and that they stated it was a required feature.

    I fully support the submission the submission of feature requests, but encourage posting in the proper forums (not in this discussion).  I add my vote to the features important  to me

    I don't support all the whining and FUD in this discussion. 

    If user's state they need a feature (like encryption) and I don't believe it will be implemented, I tell them so.  
    If the user states it's a required feature, I suggest work-arounds, and/or they are looking at the wrong product.

    >> I'm beginning to be convinced you are an Evernote employee

    Employees posting in the forums are clearly indicated.  
    They are much more diplomatic than me when dealing with user BS


    Oh give it a break... You are like an obsessed puppy. I posted some months ago, and you are still at it. Defending every move like a robot.

    And rest of SAME littermates, abusing new users as a gang as usual. I mean Scott summers is still here.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, sunvalley said:

    Great, so now this is political and all due to the recent election. LOL

    How is it not? Trump's surveillance policy is abundantly clear....

    Do americans just vote on exposed e-mails vs  grabbing private parts and not listen to anything else they say?

    On second thought... cant be a far stretch, given the hours of air time, those two things were discussed by candidates in presidential debates on worldwide television.

  5. 2 minutes ago, jefito said:

    This is completely untrue. You should educate yourself on the new rules for free accounts and managing your devices. They've been posted often enough; check the original topic by gbarry, where you've already posted and made this untrue claim.

    I saw that post, and it kills the functionality on demand completely. Especially with regard to phone use.

    no goodwill from this company. They forget their place, as a note taker.

    they have alienated a lot of people, whose whole lives don't center around Evernote. Some of those more 'casual' users, were paid users for many years, like myself.

  6. Rip Evernote.. Was a paid user for several years, but I will not commit a second more of my time and notes, to a company that requires a lifetime pay for its most fundamental use for me, which was instant access between devices.

    we all own a phone. So intersystem sharing impossible unless I don't have it on phone?

    so if I am a paid user... And then deside not to pay... 

    Watever. I don't care if other options not as good. This is wrong on principle.

    we invested time in your product. We invested money, we supported it.. I recommended it to at least 100 people..


    and you spit in our face like that? (Not to mention conveniently timed with 40 percent more for subscription.

  7. If you consider the Cyborg element of the human, imputing and extracting information, you could consider the internet etc. as AI.

    If you consider complete Artificial Independent though, without the impetus of any biological organism, there is still a way to go.


    Its a matter of definition I guess. Either way, for example Google's algorythm's are already discerning and presenting information for us in a way that is easier to access. The origin is human input, and the output is human consumption. But in the middle, its doing something we cant do ourselves. That you could consider is artificial intelligence.

    The next stage I guess, would be allieviating human input and output, whereby a machine self regulates the whole process.

    We are already Cyborgs, without realising it. Technology is all around us. its an extension of us. Some people have heart pacemakers allowing them to sustain life. Apple watch/google galss are wearables that extend us. Eventually we might see more ability to imput information (already happening) into transplanted devices. So at the end of the day, its a philosophical identification of definition. 

    Do you consider AI something completely free of human input/output. Or is it the ability to control inputs and outputs?


    I dont think its a case of having 'free will'... Machines will never have much more free will than we have...

    Free will does not exist. We are also essentially processing inputs and outputs, from our genetics, and environment. Every single action we take is influenced since birth, time of birth, before birth, Neurochemical processes, evolution, how a stimuli of our environment interacts with us. Etc. We think that we think freely... But we dont really. Its all input-processing and output. The last definition of AI is impossible, as it has never existed in the world in us or another species. 


    AI is just more input-processing-output, basically more independent processing, and depending on your definition, with or without human influence. (Yet we are part of the environment), so there will always be input, it just depends how much we 'believe' that input is part of our decision making processes, or perception that we actually have free will. We can consider ourselves part of the MAchines AI, or independent of it. Either way it exists in some way or form.


    Its basically about automation processess.. To make our lives easier... Or as Stephen Hawking warns, the biggest threat to humanity, if it this automation process puts it together that we are indeed the biggest threat and comes to the conclusion that we are neither necessary or good for the world. Which would probably be a very sound, and logical reasoning process. 

  8. Interesting article: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-32628753


    All this obsession on better 'productivity tools'... 

    Maybe we are better off with type writers.


    Obsessions with features and how Evernote should be etc. in order to get more 'work done'...

    Yet I see guys like JMichael flooding the forum with every single glitch text for pages and pages each time their is a minor patch update.. Obsession with glithces... New features... Features we want, or dont want... Existent and non-existent. Obession with everything this little app has... People are disapointed and apparently looking for 'alternatives'... We hide behind a mask, called the 'Power User'... But I think its more a case of Power Procrastination.


    Have we lost the plot? Is this constant engagement on a forum for what is essentially an "app" not a bit OCD? Are we obsessing too much about our tools? And less about how work is actually done?

    Just a thought.


    Ok rant over.

    Just saying.

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  9. There could be a default sort for searches across Notebooks.


    To me, Saved Searches are much like the Outlook Smart Folders, so it would be great to have a custom, multi-level sort stored with the Saved Search.


    You were talking about 'bloat' on another thread....

    This is the perfect example of bloat.


    There could be... But there shouldn't be.

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  10. * Users in shared notebooks see the tags that you have put on notes in the shared notebooks.


    * Users can add tags to notes in shared notebooks; they cannot create new tags in a shared notebook. The tags must already exist in the owner's account (not the user's account). These tags are visible to the notebook owner.


    Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.... That helps a lot. I get it now.

  11. How exactly do tags work in shared notebooks?


    I am working collaboratively quite often with new users (Who I often make download and use Evernote). Suffice to say I am ussually doing most of the organisation of notes for them, to have some kind of order...


    The setting are users can: view and edit.


    I know I can tag notebooks any way I like...


    1) Do they see/have access to my tags? Or Am I only one who can see the things I tag?

    2) Can they add tags on a shared notebook? And if they add tags on my shared notebooks... Is it only for their eyes? Or do we all have the shared tags they decide to add?



    Need to know this before I give advice for  them  on using tags to help me organise things systematically... 

  12. I want to see more Heirarchial structures.


    I would like to see it in the form of 'ear-marked' tags... Where I can earmark some specific tags to Notebooks that show up next to the Notebooks in Notebook Pain.


    Essentially just tags with extra functionality. I.e. little red tags.. That visibly show next to the notebook I earmarked them to..


    A visible hierarchy just like stacks with "clickability' to get to that 'subdivision' within the notebook they are earmarked to..... Nothing more... 


    I think if they do that right they can satisfy the often requested sub-notebook. feature, without running from Evernote's tagging model.

  13. -1 for this suggestion  :P. See long-winded post #46.


    ... although, +1 for @JMichael's post #46 note-list toolbar setup.


    I actually agree with everything you have to say there... It makes sence and is logical...


     I understood the thread starters opening post differently... (Obviously you outlined what he really meant, and I probably misunderstood.... However if you read the post again with my thinking, it can make sense)


    I just want the ability to Drag and Drop my stacks and notebooks in any order I chose... And for them to stay there without having to rename them Alphabetically... or put wierd prefixes like --> ->


    Everything you say about sorting many notebooks is completely valid... We can sort the notes in different ways (This should be made easier maybe)...


    Sorting out Notebooks in different ways is not a good idea as you mentioned...


    I just wanted the ability to drag and drop... And sort them out the way I want, and then leave them there... Without having my sorting order necessarily be alphabetical... Rather Custom... (put everything the way I want it - And then leave it there)

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  14. We take every request in the forums as a feature request, yes.

    Could you provide more information about how you see the difference? What is the task you want to accomplish with hierarchical notebooks that you can't do with hierarchical tags?


    Although tags are allowing me to mimic certein heirarchial structures in some regard...

    I would like to see visible 'clickable tags' in the notebook pain....

    I would like to 'earmark-colourcode' say 4 (or more) tags in a certain notebook... that when clicked on it 'that context' will take me directly to that 'sub-folder'.

    This would work on the listing view in notebook pain... when clicking to select a notebook... I can see the earmarked tags visible... And I can 1 click and get directly to them..

    Just a thought. Hard to explain exactly what I mean...

    But that would make my personal experience better, and i think allow any user to create a hierarchial visible structure without impacting Evernote's 'style' or feel...


    The reason for this is that although I use heirarchial 'sub-folders' with tags in some notebooks... I dont do it in all.. Also I might use some form of heirarchial-tag system in a specific notebook... But I also use tags that dont support heirarchial sorting of sorts... So when I need to sort and find a tag it is mostly by memory. Visually All the relevant tags to that notebook are mixed with the rest of the tags, which kills the heirarchy a bit...


    If I could 'ear-mark' certain tags specific to a notebook I would be able to easily get to the 'sub-folder' if I so chose visually and not dependent on memory. The ability to even have those tags come out on top in that specific notebook or be colour coded (red for eg.) would make it more powerfull.


    I realise this may be a more 'advanced feature... That needs to be in beded in the software...


    But when users maintain that they want sub-folders... And they come to these forums or elsewhere..

    We will be able to say YES! you can mimmick subfolders exactly the way you want them visually... If you set it up in a certain way, using already available tools on evernote. With an extra revelance/organisation mechanism.

  15. Hi,


    With the increased collaboration features "recently" added to Evernote such as Shared Notebooks, it would be very useful if multiple email addresses could be linked to a single Evernote ID, and furthermore that shared notebooks could be shared based on Evernote userID alone as well as one of the associated email addresses.


    The reason is foremost for people using Evernote to share both private stuff with friends and family, and work stuff with colleagues. If I could either tell them just to share with my userID, or my colleagues simply could share with the email address they already have on file, it would simplify the process significantly, and also not mean "forced" sharing of ones personal email address to work colleagues for instance.


    Food for thought?


    Although personally for my own use, I don't quite need this yet...

    I know I would find it useful one day... And I believe a lot of people will immediately find it useful...


    I know many people with multiple emails... Which email do you invite them to evernote with? And also wich email do they actually use to install evernote with....


    All pertinent topics.

    Completely valid...


    I can see the benefit of this suggestion.

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  16. Evernote is highly adaptable with many different programs... When you start using features like the: Evernote Specific email... Or maybe saving your google phone locations, straight to evernote... by sending it to your evernote specific email... So many ways to use the standard evernote for multiple functions that other apps lack...


    If you are looking for new programs I would look here:

    You can start with the Evernote's natural program extensions by the same company...


    • Evernote web Clipper for clipping articles in your browser straight to evernote.
    • Skitch is a stronger version of the evernote helper elephant (which is great and am hoping you are already using evernote helper)... You may/or may not find use for skitch.


    There are more:


    Here is the full list of Evernote programs by the company... They all play nice together.



  17. Tags have a lot of benefit for me...


    I often use very simple tags.. (I dont want to type large words to find things...)


    Say I have made tags in a notebook for

    Presentation as "P"

    Debate as "D"


    If I search P I get LOTS of notes...

    If I search D I get LOTS of notes


    If I search tag:P or tag:D I only get notes that were presentations... Or notes that were Debates within the Notebook... Its awesome for organisation...


    You can find many uses of tags... Notebooks.... And other uses for non-tagged documents...


    There are many situations where I have no need to tag something...

    There are other times it is VERY usefull...


    Its a good feature, that you dont have to use if you dont find any benefit...

    The power of everNote I believe is that you can chose which tailor made features you would like to use for your organisation... As Evernote grows on you, you find more and more uses for other features...

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  18. Microsoft support is terrible...


    Even with everyone's complaints that Evernote does not listen to its members...


    I can honestly say they are better than any other stand-alone program I own...


    OneNote is not Microsoft's only program.. Its neither thought out or developed like Evernote..


    They dont listen at all to support... They are even more apathetic with regards to Mac users... or any user not using windows...


    I spent almost 3 months without direct access to my notes through the OneNote program due to a glitch.. I had to retrieve them in my browser


    For all the complaining... I think this might be the one company large company that listens..

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  19. Having been a heavy OneNote user before making the switch to Evernote...


    I honestly dont believe you will be satisfied unless you have very specific needs that are different to what Evernote offers...

    Only way is to try and find out...


    Give OneNote a chance... But its style of use is Extremely different to Evernote... Its diversity in use is also limited.

    I would be very interested in hearing from someone who was a heavy Evernote user and made the switch to onenote and was satisfied.


    Keep's use is very limited... Can be usefull.. But it just does not do what evernote does...

  20. Here's the funny thing. I bought a Toshiba Chromebook 2. I've used Apple since Apple IIE and Commodore days. I really just wanted something that had a keyboard instead of the dreaded iPad keyboard or using a case with a keyboard etc. The strange thing is that I haven't touched my $3500 powerbook since buying my Chromebook. It cost $250, has an HD screen and can do everything I need it to do!!!! Mind you I will have to go back to my powerbook to process some photo in Lightroom but....


    I'm completely sold on Chromebooks. I think Google really has something that should be catching on. Pick up a Toshiba Chromebook 2. Use it for a bit and ask yourself if you're missing anything or need a macbook air. The only problem I see is already existing popular app develpers not developing native apps instead of online only apps.


    Comparing Apple to Chromebooks is a huge jump in price.. Hardly the same market.. Although I guess if they do similar things why pay more...


    Just a question...

    Are chrome books much more affordable than a decent cheap Windows Laptop? Could you get a decent windows laptop for 250?


    Also what is the lifespan of a chromebook? I mean how often you need to update the hardware to keep up with the software... i think that also plays a role in affordability...


    Sorry going off topic. Just curious.

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