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  1. What I meant is to LOCK them, so that they will stay there until you unlock the tab ...
  2. Hey guys, it would be great to have the possibility to pin / fix tabs in Evernote-Desktop (Safari-Like) ... . THX!
  3. OK. Thank you very much. Understood. I will check this out.
  4. OK understood. You will only need one filter in Gmail wich forwards all emails from calendar-notification@google.com to the Evernote address. But anyways good to have an alternative. Can you give an Example for lets say an recurring event. A screenshot would be fine, what someone has to paste into the fields. I don't really clearly understood the IFTTT thing I guess. For example for a recurring event like this. Newsletter !tomorrow @Office #marketing A step by step explanation would be cool, like I have done it before. Thank you.
  5. Thanks. What is the difference?
  6. You know guys ... to people wo don't use these things usually (like me) it sounds really difficult I guess if you don't explain how to deal with IFTTT with a step by step explanation and an example. Maybe your workaround is easier but honestly I don't understand it :-)
  7. Thank you very much. I have tried it with IFTTT before and it is by far not so easy to use like this workaround.
  8. The reason is, that Google Calendar doesn't sends the eMail to your Evernote address.
  9. I have found a way to create recurring reminders for Evernote with a litte help from Gmail and Google Calendar. Maybe it is helpful for someone who is missing this feature until Evernote hopefully implements it. There are a few possibilities out there in the web. But I wanted a free one and also one in my favorite eMail application. 1. Create a recurring calendar event in Google Calendar with a title, reminder, the notebook-name and a tag like: Newsletter !tomorrow @Office #marketing Newsletter - your reminder title !tomorrow - your reminder @Office - your notebook #marketing - your tag IMPORTANT Don't forget to activate, that you will be reminded to this event by eMail. 2. Go to "Settings" in Gmail - Klick on Forwarding Pop/IMAP and then on "add forwarding-address" - Place your Evernote eMail which you are using to forward anything into your inbox. It's an email like xxxxxxxx@m.evernote.com and safe it. Google will send directly (after you confirmed) a confirmation code to your Evernote eMail (xxxxxxxx@m.evernote.com) Go to your Evernote inbox. The eMail from Google lands there. Grab the confirmation code and paste it at Gmail to confirm your Evernote adres. 3. Set a filter in Gmail - Go to your Gmail account settings. - Set a new filter and place to the "FROM" field this address: calendar-notification@google.com - Click on "create filter with this search results" at the bottom right. - Then activate "forward to", and choose your Evernote eMail (which you have activated in Step 2) Save your filter. Done! I have tested it, it works very well. You are now able to set recurring calendar events for Evernote in Google Calendar. Google Mail forwards now calendar events with an activated eMail reminder from calendar-notification@google.com to your Evernote address. Evernote places the event including the reminder the specified notebook including the tag. There is just one issue when I am right. Correct me please, if I am wrong: You always have to set up your recurring reminders to "one day before", because there is no option in Evernote to specify a time for a reminder in the subject. Example: When you wanna be reminded regularly on a Friday, you have to set your reminder to thursday, because you are using !tomorrow in your subject. That's it. Hopefully this is helpful for someone. Regards. Note: Please Evernote. A small fine task management with recurring reminders would be really fine.
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