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  1. Windows 10 update v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Very slow at times. Right click on a note and context menu is often slow to appear. I try clicking on another note then back ... doesn't always help. Moving a note to trash is very slow. I get the feeling that nice new animations are getting in the way. Other problems too (reported as a bug already, so here just for info) ... 1 - view all notes 2 - apply filter 3 Ctrl+N Should create a new note, in a new window, with the current tag added, and without removing the filter in the main windo
  2. I've just created a new notebook, added a note, and started editing it, all on a PC. I took a look at another note, then came back to the one I was editing. Most of my text had gone. I performed a search and sure enough there was a 'conflicting' copy with all my missing text in it. This therefore had nothing to do with sync ops since my other platforms were not being used.
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