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  1. I wonder if it does anything else or is just a shortcut for the offline sync option. My EN structure is a little complex and I didn't want to lose anything by hitting an icon I didn't recognize. To enable offline synchronizing I have been tapping each notebook on the far right and selecting to enable sync from the menu that pops up. Apparently this icon just makes it easier to select a number of notebooks to enable or disable as the case may be. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I have EN premium. I'm trying to make better use of the mobility features. I've learned how to download a notebook for offline use (I presume changes made to a note would be synced, right?) but on my Android phone I notice an icon that I don't recognize. At the bottom of the "notebooks" list is an icon that looks like a down arrow pointing into a tray. What does this icon do and what does it represent? Thanks for the help. Wayne
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