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  1. I was extremely surprised, frankly - that background color is still not settable. The most obvious reason - heck, we've got a web-clipper plugin here... and it grabs pages with black/dark backgrounds and white text and pulls them in -- resetting the background to white. You wind up with a blank (looking) page... with text the same color as the forced bg color. I'm really surprised that such simple functionality (I wrote it up in a swing app in a day) is taking so long... This topic's first post is dated May 18, 2012. I still say I want to be a supportive, loyal, hell - evangelistic user. EN has really been more fortunate than they realize, IMFAO. Despite things like: Clearly supporting formatting that doesn't survive the pull to Evernote (surprise, background colors.. among other things I imagine) The highly-touted web clipper plugin - as mentioned above - is really only "friendly" to pages that adhere to EN's light-background/dark-text limitation The widely publicized and marketed PDF annotation still does not work on Windows... i.e. it is not just broken, it is simply unsupported - a fact that is not disclosed and has been the cause of a lot of dissatisfaction from new users that took it as a major selling point only to find that it was not supported on that backward, unpopular and infrequently used OS called Windows. This may sound harsh - but it's not my intent to whine about these things. I can live without any of it, really. The larger issue is - I just don't know if Evernote can continue to be successful when it keeps surprising users with such basic functionality MIA. It's unseemly... I don't think they can go on in this apparently unresponsive manner - not for very much longer. They're in the spotlight, and these things will begin to compete with the ... evangelizing and marketing. II hear more and more rumbling every day about "promises, promises" and etc.. I was an early adopter - cuz I immediately liked the basic premise. I don't want to see EN beaten up in near future reviews, or even in today's break-room idle chat. EN management needs to realize, it would seem at least, that it's time to bring a new level of talent in... with all the capital they've raised - it'd be nice to see some of these very obvious issues being dealt with handily. I do think that those bullet items above are very important. They represent mostly straightforward feature/functionality that most users are surprised to find lacking or broken. 2 years from the first post in this topic. Is that not somewhat absurd?
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