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  1. @Saskia: Thanks for the turn off hint. Unfortunately I can't follow. The icon brings up the settings page. In which section can I turn it off? I have the german equivalents of Account Summary, Personal Settings, Reminders, Points, Safty (with subcategories) and Payments (with subcategories). @righteousdork: I guess it also searches all my personal notebooks (didn't test though). However, it does only search one shared notebook at a time (owned by other evernote users). My problem is that I have a lot of shared notebooks and mainly work with those.
  2. One more thing: Links to other notes are trying to open the Desktop app (which is great working on the desktop app). However, I would prefer if a link to a note in the webapp would open it in the web app (since many people are probably using the webapp when they don't want or cannot use the desktop app i.e. on Linux). We use several notes linking to each other to organize manuals at work. If I am in the web app I now have to search for each link sepparately which is super cumbersome and takes a lot of time. Also the going back and forth buttons are absent which made this process extremely swift in the desktop app (not sure about the old web app).
  3. Hi everybody, I just want to share my experience with the beta version - mostly to the evernote guys, but if some other users can help, I appreciate a thousand times! 1) I don't get how I can search across multiple shared notebooks. Everytime I log in, I have to select the notebook I want to search in. After I opend it for the first time, I can select it as a search option (but only after loading it once). But still, I can only search one notebook at a time and not select multiple... am I missing something? 2) Please add a permanent search bar. The additional click is reducing my productivity. It's like google, but first you have to open the search bar from a menu. In my case, I first have to open the shared notebook and if I do not remember which one it is, I have to go through each of them. So searching went from the one click killer feature to the average 5-10 click I am in pain feature. In my opinion, the search function is the core functionality of evernote. 3) Shared notebooks I added to my favorites do not show up as favorites online, but have an empty space (which links correctly). 4) I didn't find any button to give feedback in the beta. I wouldn't mind to give feedback with a convenient text field somwhere in the beta. I think, you would get more feedback for little things. 5) Please let me turn off the beta version. Where can I do that? 6) Other than that, I think it is a good approach to reduce clutter and make everything minimalistic and clean. However, never ever make the search function in any way less powerful than it was before. How much worse is it? I am actually considering to run Linux in a virtual machine on a mac host in order to have the mac desktop app on the host. And for somebody developing on Linux that is going quite far. After all: Awesome work with the desktop app: I love it.
  4. Thanks for the quick help with the shortcut on crossing words out. I absolutely agree on the concerns regarding usability and versioning. Such a powerful and technical thing like git should never be noted by the average user. However, such a command window could eventually be opened with a special key combination. Compare it to "Got to Anything" and "Command Palette" integrated in sublime text 2. Users who don't feel well with it, will never see it and get a very clean and simple text editor. However, those who want to, have very powerful tools at hand. Something like dropbox versioning is certainly nice for most users. Don't see how you can make things simpler... What about a (time machine style) slider somewhere, and you can see the note changing live between versions by moving the slider? But I think, the two things don't have to be a contradiction. They might even run on the same backend system on the evernote servers. After all, the dropbox style is nothing more than an "auto commit" triggered by a save command.
  5. Hi everybody, we're using evernote as a kind of team wiki collecting all kinds of manuals in our research team. Personally, I also use it to create "To Do" notes. In both cases, I would love to have an option to cross words out. In the case of the manuals, the regularly get updated because the first version might contain errors. Sometimes it would be nice to highlight, that an intuitive solution that comes quickly to mind is wrong. In such a case, crossed out words are nice. In the case of the To Do list I personally prefer crossing out the stuff I have done vs. usage of check boxes. One other thing, that is not very thought through (but I am sure your usability guys might find a user friendly solution; or come to the conclusion that it is not worth it): I just saw, that in your premium version you can see the history of a note. However, it would be nice, if this versioning would be improved so that one can see let's say a version number. Maybe the version number is in an automatically generated tag? And the tag has one of these little drop down triangles (you use them next to the Name of a Notebook) that lets you select the version? Or a key combination opens kind of a console which gives power users access to an integrated version of git, that works directly on notes (in particluar git status, git add, git commit, git log, git diff (with external diff tool such as DiffMerge)? So please consider a discussion about these features. That would be great.
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